Jean-Philippe Tarel road image

ROMA (ROad MArkings) image database

Image database for the evaluation of road markings extraction algorithms

ROMA is a database of numerical images easily usable to evaluate in a systematic way the performance of road markings extraction algorithms. It comprises more than 100 original images of diverse road scenes, taken in a view point close to the one of the vehicle's driver. Each original image comes with a reference image, build manually, which indicates the positions of the visible road markings. This ground truth can be used to test road markings extraction algorithms intensively and in an objective way. The calibration parameters of the camera being very useful for the processing of road markings, all images that share the same calibration parameters are grouped in a unique directory along with the calibration parameter file. The image database can be downloaded as a unique archive file and used for research purpose:

Size: 27Mo, Updated: 3 october 2008

In any publication related to the use of ROMA image database, your are kindly requested to cite the following reference:

T. Veit, J.-P. Tarel, P. Nicolle and P. Charbonnier, "Evaluation of Road Marking Feature Extraction", in Proceedings of 11th IEEE Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITSC'08), Beijing, China, October 12-15, 2008.

These images are extracted from sequences which belongs in part to Conseil Général de Haute Garonne (CG31), Direction Départementale de l'équipement de la Guadeloupe (DDE 971), Direction Départementale de l'équipement de la Réunion (DDE 974), Direction Départementale de l'équipement des Vosges (DDE 88), Laboratoire Central des Ponts et Chaussées (LCPC). The acquisition was performed by the Laboratoires Régionaux des Ponts et Chaussées of Angers, Bordeaux, Nancy, Rouen and Strasbourg.

IFSTTAR is not responsible and is not liable in any manner for any matter associated to the use of these data.

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